How To Recover From A Bad Party

Not every party you throw will feel like a complete success.  Sale parties can flop for a variety of reasons; some of which are completely out of your control.  How can you recover from an unimpressive party?  Find out what to do in these common scenarios!

How To Help Your Guests Open Up At Your Party

As an adult novelties home party representative you will likely encounter a wide range of party guest types from open and easy going to super shy and reserved.  What if you seem to have more shy and reserved guests than anything?  How can you get them to open up at the party?

How To Keep Your Home Party Business Moving Forward

Being a new home party sales representative you will surely want to keep the business moving forward, gain more customers and increase your personal revenue.  After all, selling adult novelties is a way to make money as well as provide your clients with quality adult novelty products.  Here are some tips to keep your home business moving forward.

Why Your Guests Are So Shy (And What To Do About It)

One of the challenging thing about selling adult novelties is that potential customers tend to be overly shy when attending parties with adult themed products.  Unfortunately there is still a bit of a social stigma when it comes to adult products and those who are interested in them may feel awkward about displaying that interest out loud in front of friends.  So, what do you do if the guests at your party are shy and inhibited?

Sex Toy Care - What Your Guests Want To Know

As an adult novelty home sales representative it is absolutely imperative that you know all there is to know about the use and care of all the items that you will sell, especially sex toys.  As the expert on these items, here are some things that your guests will likely want to know from you!

What Makes Customers Uncomfortable At Home Parties

Sex toy sale parties can be a lot of fun for guests and very profitable for you, but if improperly conducted, you can make people uncomfortable!  It is easier to shock or bother guests at a sex toy party than other types of sales parties because of the subject matter.  What makes guests uncomfortable most often, and what can you do about it?  Find out here.

How To Throw A Tasteful Sex Toy Party

Hosting an adult novelties party is sure to be a lot of fun!  However, many hosts struggle with how to make it tasteful.  The assumption that sex toys parties are going to be “raunchy” is very far from the truth, and there are many ways to make your home party tasteful.

How To Set Up Your Home For Your Home Party

If you have agreed to host an adult novelties home party then be prepared to have a lot of fun!  You may have some questions on how to set up for your party so that you and your guests will get the most out of the demonstration.  Find out how you can set up for your party!

What To Do If No One Is Buying At Your Home Party

Unfortunately sales is a fickle business and sometimes you will have a party where the customers seem, let’s say, resistant to buying adult novelties.  Occasionally you may even have a party where no one, or very few, purchase items.  Although this is rare, it is important to prepare yourself for the possibility and know how to continue on and to get the clients on board with purchasing.

How To Make Guests Feel Comfortable At Your Adult Novelties Home Party

When you gather your family and friends for a sales party you want everyone to have a great time and feel comfortable in your home.  Realizing that this may take a bit of panache is important.  There are definitely ways to help ensure that everyone at your party is having a good time.

How To Speak Confidently To Your Guests

Speaking and presenting in front of others can be challenging, but it is necessary if you wish to be a successful sex toy party representative!  Find out how you can boost your confidence a host a great party!

Sex Toy Parties Vs. Adult Novelty Stores

When it comes to buying sex toys in person, customers have two primary options:  go to a party / individual seller, or go to an adult toy store.  In what major ways do they differ, and why does it matter to a first-time buyer?  Keep reading to find out!

10 Games To Play At Your Home Party

To liven up your party, help guests become comfortable, and to have fun, you can plan a few games!  All of these games are easy and perfect for your house party guests!

5 Reasons To Start A Sex Toy Business Today

There are many good reasons to start your own adult novelty retail business, and it is not that difficult to get started!  Here are 5 good reasons to start your sex toy business today!

Top Traits Of A Successful Home Party Representative

Just like with any career, there are certain traits that make someone a success.  Not just anyone can be a successful sales person and some people are better suited than others.

How To Present and Demonstrate Adult Novelties

The most successful salespeople all have these two things in common:  knowledge and confidence.  If you know about your products and can present them with confidence and flair then you are likely to be successful selling that product.

How To Network As A Home Party Representative

Home party clients are necessary to be a successful home party representative.  Therefore, it stands to reason that you need to have a method of finding new clients as well as maintaining your original clients.  The more customers you have, the more products you are likely to sell.

Top Mistakes Made By First-Time Home Party Representatives

Just like any sales geared job, there are the “dos” that have proven to lead to success; and the “don’ts” which have led to failures and, sometimes embarrassment.  As I am sure you want to avoid those “don’ts,” here are the top mistakes to look out for when at your first home parties.

Is The Home Party Business Right For Me?

As a home party host, you will immediately take on many different responsibilities.  The success of the business depends completely on you!  Not sure if it is for you?  Here are some things to take into consideration!

5 Tips For Throwing Your First Home Party

So, you are getting ready to throw your first sex toy party!  Congratulations!  You are taking a big step in your home party career, so you want everything to go off without a hitch.  Here are 5 tips to make your very first home party a great one!